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This website uses cookies for necessary purposes, remembering what items you have placed in the shopping basket and searched for.

The Cookies are session cookies which expire when you leave the site.

We do not use tracking or advertising cookies or third party cookies.

Session Cookies

are simple text files which sit on your computer, used to hold information temporarily, and ONLY exist for as long as that particular web browser window is open.
As soon as it's closed, they are deleted. For instance, most websites, ours included, will create a session cookie so that the server
can keep track of which shopping cart belongs to what connection ( which is why you need to have them enabled to put items into the cart,
otherwise nothing happens ). Also they're used to store information when running search's so that the information persists.
Session cookies are pretty much harmless, since they only exist for as long as you have the specific browser windows open.

You can set an optional persistant cookie in the checkout which is saved on your device which remembers your name and address details,
Credit card and payment details are not saved, this cookie only works on our site on future visits

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