LTO cleaning tapes from Fuji, TDK, HP and Maxell

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LTO cleaning tapes from Fuji, TDK, HP and Maxell

LTO or Linear Tape Open is the defacto standard for Enterprise backup, the cost per Gb for LTO is the lowest of any media type and its robust. LTO1 is 100Gb native capacity, LTO2 200Gb native and LTO3 is 400Gb Native, LTO4 due soon.. We don't see any problems with LTO data cartridges, the choice is often down to cost. We stock all the major barnds on LTO including Fuji, HP, IBM, Imation, Quantum, Maxell, Sony and TDK. LTO as with all magnet film media drives its important to clean the read / write heads regularily or as indicated by the drive.

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