Sony And HP AIT Data Cartridges and Cleaning Tapes

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General Information

AIT tape cartridges and AIT cleaning cartridges for high end backup systems. The AIT capacities are shown uncompressed and compressed, the actual capacity obtained on the tape is drive and software dependent. AIT cartridges should be handled with care and stored and used in the correct conditions to prevent condensation and premature failure. Condition AIT cartridges before use by storing them in the operating environment for 24 hours prior to use. Do not use AIT cartridges which have been in a different environment without conditioning. Check for damage prior to use. AIT cartridges should be labeled on the front label space do not label on top or on the side of the cartridge.
JTF - Just The Facts AIT cartridge storage and handling. Store at room temperature between 16-32 degrees Celsius, Operate between 5 to 45 degrees Celsius. Relative Humidity 20 to 80%.

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