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Recycling waste portable batterries is good for the enviroment, used batterries can be broken down to component parts and these can be reused. As a retailer of batteries in the UK, we're committed to doing what we can to ensure batteries are disposed of safely and with the least harm to the environment. In line with our moral and legal responsibilities under the waste battery regulations, Jetmedia UK Ltd are now offering a take back scheme for all waste portable batteries.

You can return you waste batteries to us in person at our premises in Leeds

Jetmedia (UK) Ltd

Metro House

57 Pepper Road


LS10 2RU

We have collection bins onsite.

Please do not post waste portable batteries to us

You can also find waste portable battery collection bins at other shops and supermarkets that sell batteries, you may find stores in your area more accessable.

You can use to locate your nearest waste portable battery collection facilities.

We have partnered with batteryback to help us achieve a higher level of waste portable battery recovery, you can find more information about collection points and what happens to the batterries once collected on their website.

battery compliance

For waste electrical or electronic equipment recycling see Jetmedia Uk Ltd WEEE

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