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blu-ray BD-R 25Gb

Blu-Ray is the next generation of optical media for use with Blu-Ray recorders and players Blu-Ray gets its name from the Blue laser which has a shorter wavelength than the red laser used for standard DVD and CD disks. The shorter wavelength allows smaller data pits to be written on the disk giving a much greater capacity. Blu-ray disks are manufactured to very high specifications including a protective scratchproof layer. Current Blu-ray disks are available in Single layer and dual layer write once BD-R and single and dual layer rewritable BD-RE offering 25Gb or 50Gb of storage. Current recording speeds are 1-2x which will gradually increase. The single speed (1x) transfer rate is 36Mbps, 2x is 72Mbps and so on. Future plans for the format include four, six, eight and twelve speed disks and multi layer disks with capacities of up to 200Gb. As a rough guide to the capacity of the disks a 25Gb disk can hold around 4-5 hours of high definition video and 20-25 hours of standard definition video.

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Blu Ray 2 disk 50 cases, premium quality Amaray Case jBR14S1AM-4 Blu Ray 2 disk 50 cases, premium quality Amaray Case £0.26 £13.00 £15.60 Normal stock item, available for immediate despatch.

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